Jumping Into 2020 Like We Mean It!

Jumping Into 2020 Like We Mean It!

Happy New Year OM'ers! 

It's less about how things look from behind and more about what we can see in front of us. Reflection and contemplation are important, but manifesting our Dharma is what Close to Om is really all about. I've got all sorts of opportunities for us to adventure and grow together in the new year, and would love to hear what you want more (or less) of in the coming year. Message me here with your intentions - tell me what you have planted for 2020 and beyond. 

Is this the year to take the leap and do a teacher training? Or maybe hop aboard a retreat and let your yoga mat be a magic carpet to see the world? 

This link will take you to my newsletter where you'll see what you might join me for. I would be honored to have our paths cross soon. 

Cheers to an abundant new decade!


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