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Free Live Classes on Instagram and Facebook

I've been teaching some live classes on Instagram and FacebookLive & will continue to do so. You will likely get emails from me from Mailchimp about them and I'll keep posting about them here. Of course following my on Instagram will also give you up-to-the-minute notice & you can see what our commUnity is posting & who's practicing from where -- it's SUPER fun. Like getting outside even though we are all staying in. 
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Week Long Program to START your OM

Hi there Om'ers! 

I am thrilled to announce my START weeklong program on Udaya - and to give you a special offer when you use my code STARTT3. You'll get $3 off the purchase price and you can START now with me from anywhere, anytime. 

Here's where you get STARTed 




START is a one-week immersion to start where you are and stretch to your full potential body, mind & spirit. START uses concepts from Andrea’s book Close to Om, to help you create the space to transform a state of thinking from limitation to one of opportunity. In yoga philosophy, this is called pratipaksha bhavana. Using daily vinyasa flow practices, meditations, and journaling hOMework, your odyssey is like an archeological dig to discover the hidden treasures that already exist within you but which have become buried and lost underneath obstacles you might not yet be able to see. Our core work runs much deeper than simply sculpting our bodies. We empower ourselves to shape our own inspired reality. Together we use the physical immediacy of postures and the transformational tools yoga has to offer and you START to discover that “how you do your yoga is how you do your life.” And if you end up sporting a stronger set of abs too, well that’s no crime, is it?

You'll need a journal for this program.

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Finding Your OM in 2019



Hi there OM'ers! 

I hope you are winding down the year with Awareness, Benevolence and Calm and are ready to STOP to renew for a moment before we START 2019. 

There are a number of things STARTing this year for me and I'd love to have you join me! You'll find a number of them HERE in my newsletter - from the magic of Peru and Machu Picchu to Teacher Trainings and a Yoga and Music Festival in Bulgaria - your adventure awaits!

Also be on the lookout for my START program coming from it's a weeklong program of yoga practices, meditations and our Close to OM work that I'm really excited about. The launch will be in January and I'll be in touch when I have dates. In the meantime, you can practice with me anytime from anywhere at and there's a free trial to check it out! CLICK HERE to start practicing.

I'm so grateful to you all for becoming part of the cOMmunty and look forward to us connecting even more in the new year. I always love to hear how you are making your way to your OM, so don't be shy about being in touch.

Season's Greetings!


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Slovenia Retreat August 29 - Sept 5, 2018


Before July 2017, if you’d asked me to find Slovenia on a map, I wouldn’t know where to start. Then my mother, a devout corn-fed Iowan, sent me this article about Senator Harkin of Iowa’s homeland, Slovenia the same day I happened to be devouring an episode of Chef’s Table on Netflix featuring Hisa Franko…  also in Slovenia.

 Where was this place???

 Flash forward to August. I’d not only managed to find Slovenia on the map, I was there living out my Chef’s Table fantasy and I knew INSTANTLY that I needed to do a retreat before the tourists cramming into Croatia discovered its neighbor is just as stunning, but without the crowds.

 I’m inviting you to join me in Slovenia August 29, September 5, 2018  for a trip you'll never forget. Limited spaces are going quickly. Be sure to register soon.


Our Journey

We’ll begin in the capitol, Ljubljana (say that 3 times fast) where downtown’s pedestrian-only district is punctuated by what the NY Times calls "Secessionist and Baroque buildings, connected by legend-laden bridges along the Ljubljanica River.” Full of cafes, rivers and parks, you’ll feel the influence of neighboring Italy as you wander up to the Castle perched on the hilltop, enjoy the vibrant marketplace and its fresh fruits and vegetables from local farmers, delicacies and artisan treasures. Our days will be the perfect combination of yoga practice (appropriate for all experience levels), sightseeing and time to enjoy an espresso or glass of wine while paddle boarders and boats drift by.

Then we’ll head out to the countryside where you’ll find yourself seduced by the vast green meadows, picturesque mountains and shockingly azure rivers of Slovenia. When I first saw them I was pretty sure I’d stumbled into heaven.
With this stunning backdrop we will enjoy daily yoga, excursions to Postojna cave, Savica waterfall, Bled and Bohinj lakes. Not to mention lunch at Hisa Franko – home of  “The World’s Top Female Chef.” Plus options for you to bike, hike, swim and raft should you feel so inclined during our stay. 

Just S(OM) You Know

Slovenia was once part of Yugoslavia and has historically been at the crossroads of European cultures and trade routes. Formerly Socialist, it is now a parliamentary republic and joined NATO and the European Union in 2004. Its extraordinary past and unparalleled landscapes will inspire your creative spirit as it has writers, artists and artisans for centuries. I don’ think you’ve ever been anywhere quite like it. I know I haven’t.

We will use your yoga mat as a magic carpet to adventure inward and out into the world. Stretching yoga from our mats to our lives is what I call being Close to Om. I can’t wait to find our Om together in Slovenia.


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We're The Neighbours: Las Vegas, Nevada

Think of Las Vegas and visions of slot machines, showgirls, colossal ritzy hotels, blockbuster headliner entertainers announced on massive digital billboards and streets full of all-you-can-eat buffet-seeking tourists likely arise, and that wouldn’t be wrong. Like a showgirl removing her makeup and sequins, Las Vegas also has extraordinary natural beauty beyond her stage-show persona. Beneath her vociferous surface lies a diverse and welcoming community full of innovative sweat options, inspiring ways to be mindful, delicious neighbourhood coffee haunts, organic and vegan cafés, and locals who immediately feel like friends. Nestled in The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace, our new Las Vegas store enjoys the sass and spirit of The Strip alongside rich, expansive neighborhood kinship. Here’s our guide to hitting the jackpot on your next visit.
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