Naked Yoga

A black and white image of a Caucasian woman in front bend, arms wrapped around her shins.

Few things are as pants-down honest with us as yoga and meditation.

Some of us glide through the standing poses—floating and levitating with ease—only to find ourselves totally unable to simply be in Savasana (Corpse Pose). For others, it’s the vulnerability of trying something we think we aren’t good at—struggling with inflexibility or distraction or just turning upside down—that leaves us feeling exposed.

Both yoga and meditation lead us beneath what’s superficial; bump us right up against our ‘stuff’ and bring us face to face with our bare essence. Though initially that may feel like a handstand in an unfortunate bra, revealing things we had not hoped for, we learn as we go. Frankly, sometimes the catalysts for our evolution are pretty tits-out, upside down. But, if we move through this initiation and prove to ourselves a little at a time that we can do it, before we know it whatever we are attempting becomes an important part of our personal fabric, even if we are simply attempting to sit still.


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