Savasana: The Beginning Of Your Practice

Image of Michelle in savasana smiling on the beach

You most likely know savasana (or corpse pose) as that moment at the end of a yoga practice when you stop and lie down. I’m going to tell you savasana is not the end but the beginning.

As a yoga teacher, I’ve watched thousands of agitated bodies, tapping hands and feet, darting eyes and spinning minds struggle through a yoga practice and careen towards savasana. Restlessness can be very convincing and our wandering thoughts can lead us into a landscape of torment instead of tranquility. I have some serial savasana duckers, those who skip the restorative finish altogether and leave early every time. As a student even, there have been times when I spent almost the entire class planning my escape, plotting the moment when I could slip out unnoticed and hurl myself back into the comfort of the insanity outside, only to be reassured that—like an unfinished conversation—leaving midstream is never satisfying. 


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