Step Into Your Mountain

Image of mountain and clouds

Do the pressures in your day sometimes make you feel like fleeing to the top of a mountain? Escaping to nothing but wide-open spaces and breathtaking views? What if I were to tell you that you could climb into the resolve of a mountain anytime, anywhere, with no trekking required?

Tadasana (mountain pose) is the bedrock of yoga asana. Most every posture has tadasana within it and in Vinyasa-style sequencing tadasana offers a moment of pause and reflection.

In my teaching I often cue my students to “return to your mountain.” A mountain sits regardless of season, weather, hikers digging their heels in or skiers scraping its surface. Stepping into our own inner-mountain allows us a place to stop and shift from preoccupation to pratyahara (inward turn) throughout the ebb and flow of our practice and our lives. 


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