The Flight Before Christmas

A woman does yoga.

‘Twas the flight before Christmas
And from check-in to final approach,
You feel your inner Scrooge stirring,
In need of a merriment coach.
Before you shout at small children or glare at your mate,
Here’s a body/mind/spirit crosscheck,
To keep your holiday going great.

Consider these 10 tips your blissful boarding pass as you transcend times zones, survive stopovers and breathe through delays. Calming internal turbulence can make for a more tranquil takeoff and a lighter landing. Feel free to amend these tips to suit road trips, too—just change “galley” to “gas stop” and enjoy the extra leg room. Infusing all travel plans with mindful movement, good sense and good scentswill add a bit of ho-ho-ho to your go-go-go this holiday season. 


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