Week Long Program to START your OM

Week Long Program to START your OM

Hi there Om'ers! 

I am thrilled to announce my START weeklong program on Udaya - and to give you a special offer when you use my code STARTT3. You'll get $3 off the purchase price and you can START now with me from anywhere, anytime. 

Here's where you get STARTed https://udaya.com/product/start/ 




START is a one-week immersion to start where you are and stretch to your full potential body, mind & spirit. START uses concepts from Andrea’s book Close to Om, to help you create the space to transform a state of thinking from limitation to one of opportunity. In yoga philosophy, this is called pratipaksha bhavana. Using daily vinyasa flow practices, meditations, and journaling hOMework, your odyssey is like an archeological dig to discover the hidden treasures that already exist within you but which have become buried and lost underneath obstacles you might not yet be able to see. Our core work runs much deeper than simply sculpting our bodies. We empower ourselves to shape our own inspired reality. Together we use the physical immediacy of postures and the transformational tools yoga has to offer and you START to discover that “how you do your yoga is how you do your life.” And if you end up sporting a stronger set of abs too, well that’s no crime, is it?

You'll need a journal for this program.

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  • Sounds great! I will give it a try!! Andrea is my inspiration and a kind motivato
    • Thank you Amy! Not sure how I missed this, but so happy to have you as part of this cOMmunity! Did you try START? I'd love to hear about it. Curious what you are itching for more of online... practices? Meditations? Do let me know! xx Andrea
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