When things feel upside down it's easy to be seduced by the instinct to grab what we think is ours and leverage a false sense of safe distance from the threat. We've seen that globally in a number of ways - now it's gone viral in a whole new capacity. 

We're looking at a different doorway. One we can interpret as a thing to point to as justification for our separation from one another-- or as a reason to see we're all in it together. Let's allow empathy to trump blame. That's likely to feel like a muscular assignment . One that requires strength and stretch... just like we witness on our yoga mat. 
What if this were an opportunity to learn about ourselves individually and as a collective? An excuse to come together in honest and caring ways instead of estrangement. That's where you'll find me... even if we don't see eye to eye on everything... maybe even especially if we don't. 
Elections, opinions, theories, speculations get tangled up within us and can limit our movement like tight hamstrings or hip flexors. I'm here to encourage you to move - especially in the direction of your heart. 


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