Yoga For Every Season

Bright green grass blows in the summer sunshine

Seasons change, even if you happen to live in LA (like I do) where the shifts are barely detectable. Winter encourages us to go inside. Longer spring days shine light on the places where we feel a bit stagnant. Summer warms us up to be less inhibited in our movements, inviting us to reach out like a solstice zenith until it all falls away as we head inward each autumn again. Though we accept these transitions in nature we’re often resistant when it comes to allowing for change in our lives, even if we suspect it might lead us towards something better. I believe nature’s shifts can inspire personal change, and I don’t just mean out of your Right As Rain Jacket and into a Salute The Sun Tank.

In yoga philosophy, samskara are the impressions left on the subconscious mind by experience. We might think of them as habits, or learned behaviour. My favourite visual description is that samskara are like the grooves that form in a sandy riverbed from the water flowing over it in the same pattern year after year. Though some samskara can be positive, a lot of it is negative programming that sounds like this:

I’m not good enough at that; strong enough to do that; fit enough to wear that; patient enough to learn that…  I can’t.

Sound familiar?


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